The Dark Exile

An established EQEmu Server

Created and maintained by Kobex the Busy. (Who is very busy working on the release of OoW.)

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Suited for you?

This EQEmu server suits you if you

  • love to play Everquest

  • like to be able to play a whole group alone

  • particularly enjoy the level 60-65 eras

  • are a talented and laid back player rather than a competitive hardcore player

  • like a small communitiy that helps each other out.

Server Features

A casual-friendly experience including

  • Reduced mob power which allows: Easier solo play, smaller raid targets can be taken with 2-4 characters, and most major raid targets can be taken with a group of 6.

  • Increased XP rates and no raid XP penalty.

  • No loss of XP or items upon death.

  • Greatly increased health/mana/endurance regen when out of combat.

  • Skills/spells/disciplines are automatically granted on level-up.

  • Central starting hub in Plane of Knowledge, with personal/group/raid translocators, an LDoN hub, and vendors/helper NPCs.

  • Many long-term group buffs work like they have MGB on.

  • Level 65 character can be sacrificed (reset to level 1) in order to get a class specific buff clicky.

  • Server coin system to buy custom and regular items. Coins are dropped by NPCs.

  • Race change for coins.

  • Making certain no-drop items attunable for coins.

  • Making AA tradable at a cost of 2:1.

  • Several other spell and NPC modifications to improve the experience.

Expansion Progression

You start with access to the original EQ zones and a level 50 cap. Access to other expansion zones and their accompanying level cap increases are enabled by defeating specific encounters in each expansion.

Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox must be killed to gain access to Kunark zones and the ability to level to 60, Trakanon and Venril Sathir must be killed to gain access to Velious, and so on.

Read more.

Upgradable Charm

You start with a statless charm with effects that are useful to all players.

The charm is upgradable with additional stats for each expansion that is unlocked.

As progression tracking is per account, alts on the same account also have access to the more powerful charms when leveling.


6-boxing per player is supported, with 2 additional support slots also available if desired (8 client per IP limit).

Using MQ2 for managing your team is allowed and encouraged. Tracking/targetting via MQ2 is also allowed. Exploits or disrupting others via active hacks are not (see server rules).

You can find the latest required custom files, such as the modified spell file, in the announcments channel in discord.

Waypoint System

In-zone translocators for a few select zones that support it, NPCs are set up to allow travel from zone-in to deeper parts of the zone.

This feature is only enabled after visiting the destination waypoint NPC and obtaining a flag for future transport.

This is to allow players to bypass otherwise repetitive, tedious, or time-consuming mob clearing tasks.

Saved waypoints are account-wide.