Expansion Progression

You start with access to the original EQ zones and a level 50 cap. Access to other expansion zones and their accompanying level cap increases are enabled by defeating specific encounters in each expansion.

Expansion unlocking is account-wide as opposed to character-specific. Alts can take advantage of additional leveling zone options.



Targets to progress are Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox. The latter being slightly harder due to her complete heals.

Both dragons are leashed to their dungeon and can thus their guards can easily be cleared beforehand.

A full group can attempt them starting around level 45 and not too much gear.

Two-boxing them at level 50 is possible but needs decent gear. No solo kills of a level 50 is known as of yet.

Reward: Unlock Kunark, able to level up to 60 and access to all AA within those levels, 5AA.


Targets to progress are Trakanon and Venril Sathir.

Neither are very hard and can be attempted before reaching level 60 for a full group.

Two-boxing them at level 60 with some AA is fairly doable.

Reward: Unlock Velious, 10 AA.

Kunark gives access to Epic 1.0. They can be gained by defeating the dragons in Emerald Jungle, Skyfire Mountains and Dreadlands and returning their gems to Nerissa in PoK.


Velious is difficulty wise a step up from the previous expansions. You will need a full group to handle Velious on your own.

To progress, you need to beat one of Dain, King Tormax or Yelinak, and additionally Vulak Aer.

Dain is clearly the easiest of them all. A good source for gear is Veksar and the quests in Halls of Testing. Eventually you will be able to fight the dragons in NToV. ToV has a respawn timer of 4 hours. However, you can get your very own instance of ToV to progress at your own pace. The instance lasts 7 days.

Reward: Unlock Lulcin, 15 AA.

AoW is not part of the progression and not intended to be killed by a group of 60s.


Targets to progress are Inquisitor Seru and Aten Ha Ra. In order to gain access to Vex Thal you need to beat Emperor Ssraeshza. In order to access the emperor's chamber, you need to make the key for every character (not account shared). However, you don't need to make a VT key, but only defeat the emperor.

Reward: Unlock Planes of Power and LDoN and the ability to level to 65 with the according new AAs, 20AA.

Planes of Power

Planes of Power needs regular flagging.

All keys, such as the factory key, Screaming Sphere, key to Xegony, key to Aerin`Dar are required.

Mystical Arbitor of Earth does not need to be triggered, instead it is a static spawn.

All content is doable by one group. The trials in HoH are modified to be more forgiving.

Target to progress is Quarm.

Hardest targets to one group in this expansion are Xegony Key and triggering Avatar of Earth.

Reward: Unlock Gates of Discord, 25AA.

Once Quarm is beaten on an account, characters on that account can get PoP backflagged by talking to Dwight.

Veeshan's Peak 2.0 is unlocked with PoP and worth visiting.

Lost Dungons of Norrath

Group missions and some raid can be accessed directly from PoK. Some raids require to be requested at the original location and everyone in the raid to have the adventurer's stone.

LDoN raid difficulties varry but are about on par with Elemental Planes.

Gates of Discord

Gates of Discord needs regular flagging. If you want to do it on your own, you will need a high skill in tailoring and blacksmithing as well as a 100 in research.

If you have someone helping you, who has done this expansion before, the minimum targets you need to beat are: Four sewers or Smith Rondo, Vxed, Tipt, Ikkinz Raid 4 and Uqua, Noqufiel and Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk.

Defeating ZMTZ grants 10AA.

Defeating Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax grats you 30AA and marks the end of the currently available progression.

Omens of War

Is currently being developped and expected to become available somewhen during 2022.