Server Rules

No Harrassment

There is a zero tolerance policy regarding toxic behavior. If you encounter such behavior, send Kobex a DM with any accompanying information such as descriptions/logs/screenshots.

No Exploiting

No exploiting or cheating in general. This means no warping at all. The waypoint feature was put in place to avoid needing to warp to bypass punishing, repetitive content. Do not use other active hacks that alter basic gameplay such as speed hacking and the like. If you have a question about whether something is allowed, ask in general or message Kobex directly.

If certain aspects of the server seem punishing or repetitive as a result of the above restriction, say something! Maybe the case you're thinking about is a prime candidate for a quality-of-life adjustment such as a new waypoint.

No AFK Playing

Don't use bots or automated macros to play the game for you with zero player input. Using an MQ2 plugin like MQ2Melee to efficiently engage mobs with your general guidance is fine. Hitting a button to AFK farm XP or mats for an hour is not.

No Lapfrogging

Don't run through someone else to beat them to a mob/camp. This includes using any travel method including waypoint NPCs. A quick courtesy check in shout (zone-specific) or ooc (server-wide) will let you know if there is a potential conflict of targets.

No flag Stalking/leeching

Without invitation, do not follow a group to an expansion progression flagging event. Or any event, really. That's just annoying.

No Begging

Don't bug others to flag you you're not leveled/geared appropriately to participate. Requesting help with flagging events is fine, and even encouraged. However, a level 5 begging for Nagafen and Vox kills so they can XP in Kunark is not

No Guide Request

No requests to be a guide/GM. This will be a warning the first time and a ban the second time.

IP Limit of 8

The server has an 8-box limit. This means that one person is only allowed to control up to 8 characters at a time. Controlling more than 8 characters across multiple IPs, even if they're not your own characters, is not allowed.

Unsettling Noisemaker

The Unsettling Noisemaker is an item that will aggro every mob in the zone.  This item is not to be used if anyone else is in the zone unless absolutely everyone is part of the plan to use the noisemaker.  Usage of this item will be extremely disruptive to anyone not part of the team that's using it.

And above all... HAVE FUN! That is the entire reason the server was created, after all.