DPS Parse

DPS Parse against Dummy in Arena

  • Max buffs including Leopard and Ferocity (most of the time)

  • Bard Songs, 225% Haste, Berzerker Aura

  • Pretty much full Tacvi gear, but not necessarily tuned for max dps

  • Various buff-clickies

  • No discs or AA with a reuse of less than 1 minute (does not apply to items)


Averaged and rounded values

Rogue 900

Beast 800 (dual, pet)

Monk 800 (dual), 700 (2H)

Ranger 650 (dual)

Berzerker 650

Warrior 500 (dual), 500 (2H)

Paladin 500 (2H), 400 (1H)

Shadowknight* 450 (2H, pet)

Bard 400

Wizard 750

Mage* 650 (pet)

Necro* 600 (pet)

Druid 450

Enchanter* 450 (pet)

*) tested without maxed AA



  • Parse stops when dummy dies, 20 minutes are up, someone runs oom or I get bored

  • Pets are give an extra 100 dps, since Leopard damage is not shown for pets, but is real

  • Dummies in Arena have rather low resists compared to real targets

  • In many real situations pets tend to die and dots get resisted more often

  • As already mentioned, no discs, no swarm pets, no mana burn

  • Column "DPS" does not include "DPS Pet"