Gearing Up

Gearing up by era

The further you progress, the more gear you will need. You can beat Naggy in Vox with fine steal weapons and bronze armor, but once it Velious, gear mattters.


You buy basic armor, such as banded and cured silk, in Plane of Knowledge from Fluffy, Not Fluffy and Also Not Fluffy.

Fluffy also sells platinum fire wedding rings (5ac, 55hps) for 460 platinum. That might sound expensive, but it's only an equivalent of 2 server coins.

Ron hand out various free stuff, such as backpacks and potions. He also sells Vials of Prismatic Dye and all Augmentation Distillers at reasonable prices.

Ralkor sells healing and regeneration potions.

Kay sells augmentations for weapon slot 4.

Plane of Hate is a good source for XP, gems and gear. You can start going there around level 40. Mobs there can also randomly drop Silver Earring of the Chosen, AC: 4 DEX: +5 STA: +5 WIS: +3 INT: +3 HP: +65 MANA: +35 ENDUR: +35 SV DISEASE: +12 SV POISON: +12 HP Regen +1, Rec. 56.

Naggy and Vox are obviously desired targets for their weighless bags and haste items.

There are various fabled npc throughout classic, however, some of them are level 65 and may be too rough for a low level group.


Epic 1.0 can be done the regular way or you can take the server specific shortcut at around level 55. To do so defeat the dragons in Emerald Jungle, Skyfire Mountains and Dreadlands and returning their gems to Nerissa in Plane of Knowledge.

Sebilis is good xp and has a lot of random drops. Also keep in mind most named don't have placeholders. Trakanon's breast plates are certainly worth getting, either to wear or for tribute (worth around 15k tribute).


As for Velious - below is only an excerpt for targets and some loot.

Velketor's is good xp up to level 60. Be careful with pulls from the castle to zone in, since sometimes mobs start summoning before they reach you.

  • There are two different Frenzy that drop nice stuff.

Silver Chitin Wristband (not lore), AC: 15 STR: +7 DEX: +7 HP: +40

  • Bled / Kerd in castle (spawn after killing Bledrek / Kerdelb) have decent loot.

Blood Runed Gloves, AC: 26 STR: +5 HP: +50

  • Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar drops a decent pure melee chest.

Icicle Tunic, AC: 25 STR: +5 DEX: +5 AGI: +5 HP: +80

  • Velketor the Sorcerer is quite easy, but his loot is not so great.

Velketor's Spell Book STA: +5 CHA: +5 INT: +8 MANA: +100 SV FIRE: +10 SV DISEASE: +5 SV COLD: +10 SV MAGIC: +20 SV POISON: +5

Western Wastes dragons drop all sort of stuff. Klandicar and Sontalak being the two big boys in the zone.

First Brood Talisman AC: 15 all stats: +5 HP: +50 MANA: +50 ENDUR: +50 SV all +7

Matchless Dragonhide Breastplate AC: 35 all stats: +7 HP: +90 MANA: +90 ENDUR: +90 SV all + 7

Harla Dar's Talisman AC: 7 all stats: +6 HP: +30 MANA: +30 ENDUR: +30 SV all: +6 Focus: Improved Damage III

  • Melalafen has the same loot table als Naggy including Treasure Hunter`s Satchel.

Sleeper's Tomb is the place where the ancient weapons drop. The first name is very close to zone in. The trek down to the dragons is long, but worth it. There is also a conduit down there.

Ancient Prismatic Fist Wraps (Mnk/Bst) 15/20 AC: 10 all stats: +5 HP: +50 MANA: +50 ENDUR: +50 SV all: +5

Besmirched Mask of Conception (Brd/Rog) AC: 12 STR: +10 DEX: +10 STA: +10 AGI: +10 HP: +50 Effect: Illusion Dwarf

Clawed Coat of Tyro AC: 52 STR: +15 DEX: +15 AGI: +10 HP: +100 SV all: +12 Haste: +39%

Kael is bad for XP and short legged people. It does have some nice drops.

  • Deraktor the Vindicator is a good benchmark. You shouldn't try NTov or Tormax before you can savely take him down.

Chestplate of Vindication AC: 45 STA: +15 HP: +100 SV all: +15 Attack: +10 HP Regen +2

  • Statue of Rallos Zek spawns after Vindicator is down.

Breastplate of Eradication AC: 55 STR: +10 DEX: +15 STA: +20 CHA: +10 AGI: +15 HP: +100 SV all: +8
(Avatar of War is not intended to be killed by a group of 60. So either ask for backup or don't bother about the idol.)

  • And there is obviously King Tormax.

Temple of Veeshan

  • Halls of Testing offers a wide selection of quests with excellent rewards considering the difficulty.

  • Northern Temple of Veeshan is the hardest part of the expansion, but also the most rewarding one. You probably want to start with Aaryonar or Eashen of the Sky.

  • Vulak spawns when all the ladies and lords and defeated. He as clearly the best loot in town.

Abashi's Rod of Disempowerment 2HB 40/30 STR: +15 DEX: +15 STA: +15 INT: +15 AGI: +15 HP: +100 MANA: +50 ENDUR: +50 SV all: +15 Effect: Abolish Enchantment

Do`Vassir's Gauntlets of Might AC: 40 STR: +20 DEX: +15 STA: +15 CHA: +15 WIS: +15 INT: +15 AGI: +15 HP: +100 MANA: +100 ENDUR: +100 SV all: +10


Veksar is an excellent source for gear and also XP up to level 60.

Lord Inquisitor Seru is your raid loot target number one when you come into Velious. Respawn timer is 2 hours and his loot table is huge. His difficulty is comparable to Vulak Aerr.

Ssra offers lots of stuff, specially weapons. Emperor Ssra and also Cursed are harder than Seru.

VT is where you will gear up preparing for PoP. You probably want to run VT twice at least.